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Pat McClendon RN MSN DNP Caritas Coach

   Nurses Humanize Healthcare
Talk About What Nurses Do

Why is this important?
Because nurses want (and need) to talk about their contributions 
Because humanity needs nurses

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Deep Caring Literacy Guide

There’s a lot going on in healthcare and in nursing across the country … and world. Lots of life saving and grief comforting, … in the swirl of conflicting forces and messages. You may be caught in the COVID-19 surge where your work is endless, or you may be caught in an area where there […]

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A Quick Practice That Goes Deep – A technique for those suffering

The Practice of Breathing with a Patient  It is a method many have found to be remarkably useful. Ask the patient if you can sit and breathe with them for a moment. Explain that there is nothing they need to do but relax and breathe comfortably. Watch the rise and fall of their abdomen so […]

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